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Hailed the “Facelift of the Future”


Many cat-walk models, actors and celebrities already know how good the "Venus Freeze Facial" is. It has proven popular with men and women at the international fashion and red-carpet events. Cara Delevingne, Yasmin Le Bon and Lisa Snowdon are among it's fans. These A-Listers use the "Facelift of the Future" before they step-out to meet their public or a film/TV awards ceremony. They appreciate the Freeze Facial is fast and gives amazing same-day results, plus no downtime.


Hollywood's Hottest New Anti-Ageing Treatment


The leading Hollywood Dermatologist, Dr. Lancer uses the Venus Freeze on many celebrities as an  anti-ageing treatment. His clients love it because it is quick, effective and painless! Dr. Lancer says the Venus Freeze Facial treatment " well, it doesn't hurt and it doesn't require any maintenance. I mean, how much better can you get than that?"



Your quicker way to smoother skin


In only a few 30 minute sessions, you can have fast and affective results, without pain or surgery.  The Freeze will smooth out those facial or neck wrinkles and lines without expensive or painful surgery.  It is easily done in a lunch-time so you are able to return to work immediately.


A Freeze Facial is suitable for your face and neck on all skin types. We offer a free consultation before hand and would usually advise on a short course of 6 to 10 treatments for better and longer lasting results.


Call us today on 0121 694 4145  to arrange your Venus Freeze Consultation in Birmingham.

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